Vitamin D is still retaining the attention of researchers, and deservedly so.

A recent study has linked vitamin D supplementation with a reduction in falls among the elderly living at home.  The study, published in the American Journal of Geriatrics Society, was a small one that involved 68 elderly people.

They were all part of a Meals-on-Wheels programme in North Carolina and this was how the vitamin D supplementation was delivered to those taking part. More than half of the elderly people had insufficient vitamin D levels.

The elderly were split into two groups: one group received a monthly amount of 100,000 IU of vitamin D with their meals-on-wheels while the other group just received a placebo. The vitamin D group reported half the falls of the placebo group.

This was a pilot study so there will be larger studies to follow, but this is an encouraging result. A simple home finger-prick test will help you to understand if your vitamin D levels are sufficient and whether you need to top up with a supplement.