good nutrition adviceTomatoes and gout.

If you suffer from gout you may want to avoid tomatoes. Scientists from the University of Otago in New Zealand investigated the connection between the fruit and gout, which is an excruciating form of arthritis.

The study, published in journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders looked at 2051 people with gout to assess which foods trigger the disease. Tomatoes were confirmed as a problem for 20% of the participants.

The scientists then analysed data from a long-standing study of 12,720 men and women. The data showed that eating tomatoes is linked to an increase in uric acid in the blood and uric acid is the root cause of gout.

The study authors believe that tomato is similar to seafood, red meat, alcohol and sugar-sweetened drinks in its ability to raise uric acid levels and cause gout flare-ups.

If you suspect a particular food of causing flare-ups it is worth keeping a food diary (along with any symptoms) for a few weeks. Often the association between the food and the symptoms becomes clear.

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