The best way to lose weight

The best way to lose weight

It’s time to throw away your scales!

Always remember that you want to lose FAT, not just weight. Diets that promise rapid weight loss do so by encouraging your body to shed fat, muscle and water. Water is just a temporary loss and you do not want to lose muscle.

If your focus is losing the fat around your middle, don’t expect dramatically rapid results. You cannot lose more than a pound or two of fat a week so these changes may seem subtle at first.

Women who’ve followed my plan notice the first change is that they start to feel much flatter under the bust. After this, your clothes will start to feel loser around the waist. These are all signs that the recommendations are working.

When you exercise properly (Pilates and yoga are great) you will gain muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. However, a pound of fat takes up about five times as much space as a pound of muscle so as your fat levels go down and your muscle mass goes up you will start to look smaller. You may even drop a dress size while still staying the same weight.

Ignore the scales. This can — and often does — happen without you actually losing weight.

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