Why you should take a break during your working day.

Do you get a chance to take a break during your working day? What you do in your break can have a knock on effect on your job satisfaction and wellbeing. Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology looked at data from 95 employees (from 22 – 67 years old) over a typical 5-day workweek. The breaks were recorded and overall the scientists reviewed 959 break surveys.

Here were the 4 key findings:

1. The best time of day to take a break was mid-morning.

2. The best breaks were when the employees did things that they enjoyed. This could be going to the gym, going for a walk, chatting to a friend/colleague.

3. Good breaks have a positive effect on your health and job satisfaction.

4. Taking short, frequent breaks is preferable to one long break.

So there you have it. It‘s important to take breaks during the working day. Make sure you get the most out of yours.

References: Give me a better break: Choosing workday break activities to maximize resource recovery.