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Salt May Worsen MS Symptoms

Salt may worsen MS symptoms

Salt may worsen MS symptoms

MS sufferers are being warned to cut down their salt intake.

A small study has warned that high dietary salt intake may worsen multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms. While previous research showed that salt may alter the autoimmune response, which is implicated in the development of multiple sclerosis, it wasn’t clear if it had any direct effect on the course of the disease itself.

The blood and urine samples of 70 people with the relapsing-remitting form of MS were assessed, and provided urine samples on three separate occasions over a 9 month period.  Their dietary salt intake and neurological health was then tracked for two years.  A second group was also monitored for comparison purposes.

Salt intake averaged just over 4g per day in both groups, but ranged from under 2g (low) to 2-4.8g (moderate) to 4.8g or more a day (high), with men tending to have a higher daily intake than women.

After taking in to account influential factors, such as smoking, age, gender, length of time after diagnosis, weight, treatment and circulating vitamin D, the analysis indicated a link between levels of dietary salt and worsening symptoms.

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How to not get sick this winter

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