eating greens stops cravings

Eating greens stops cravings

Not only are green vegetables a nutritional powerhouse but now research has found that they can actually aid weight loss by stopping cravings for sweets and fast foods. 

There are green leaf membranes in green vegetables called thylakoids and scientists at Lund University in Sweden found that an extract of these membranes reduces food cravings by 95% and boosts weight loss by 43%.

The three month study involved 38 overweight women who all craved ‘unhealthy’ foods. Half were given a thylakoid drink before breakfast and the other half a placebo. Both groups were instructed to eat a balanced, three-meal-a-day diet, and not try any other weight loss method during that period.

The control group lost an average of 3.5kg, and the thylakoid group, 5kg.  However, the thylakoid group found it easier to stick to three meals a day and didn’t experience any cravings.

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