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Fish Roe is Best Source of Omega-3

Fish roe best source of omega-3

Fish roe best source of omega-3

Did you know? A tablespoon of caviar has as much omega-3 fat as a 1,000 mg of fish oil?

But before you go rushing out and spending all your hard earned cash on this pricy delicacy, it is worth remembering the cheaper lump fish versions work just as well.

The roe from hake, lumpfish and salmon contains the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids according to research published in the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology.

The study found minimal consumption of lumpfish, hake or salmon roe provides the body’s daily requirements for omega-3 due to their high levels of EPA and HDA.

A lack of omega-3 has been linked to cardiovascular disease, depression, hypertension, diabetes and inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s.

Lumpfish is a great topping forĀ  salads, sandwiches or a baked potato.

Fish Oil Could Help Protect Against Skin Cancer

Nordic-Naturals-Ultimate-Omega-D3Scientists from the University of Manchester have discovered that omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) in fish oil boost the immune system, improving the body’s ability to fight skin cancer and infection.

The research team, from the university’s photobiology unit, claim the oils reduced the sun’s impact on the immune system by half.

Around 100,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer were diagnosed in the UK in 2010, according to the most recent figures available.

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