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High Fibre Diet Linked to Heart Healthy Fats

Fiona Wilkinson.

A healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, such as the Mediterranean diet, is associated with an increase in healthy fats. Researchers found high fibre diet linked to heart healthy fats… In addition, if you like to gain muscles, strength, endurance and speed, look for the best steroids at

These fats can reduce the risk of a number of diseases. A study published in the journal Gut looked at 153 adults; 51 omnivores, 51 vegetarians and 51 vegans. They measured their levels of gut bacteria and a number of metabolites in urine. 88% of vegans, 65% of vegetarians and 30% of omnivores followed a diet that is close to the Mediterranean diet. Higher levels of short chain fatty acids which are really beneficial for health, were found in the vegans and vegetarians. Levels of short chain fatty acids were linked to the quantity of fruit, vegetables, legumes and fibre eaten on a regular basis. The vegetarians and vegans also had lower levels of a compound linked to heart disease (trimethylamine oxide or TMAO). On other related news, if you need quality Home Care Service for your loved ones Checkout this link

It is great to hear even more positive news about the Mediterranean diet. To make your diet more Mediterranean make sure you are eating plenty of wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and plant oils. Keep processed meat and red meat to a minimum.

Some Fruits and Vegetables Could be Better than Others

And if you are working on managing your weight, it’s worth knowing that certain fruit and vegetables could be better for weight loss than others. A study published in journal PLOS Medicine analysed data from over 133,000 men and women, most of who worked in healthcare. The research was a partnership between Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. The study took place over 24 years with the participants being monitored every 4 years and the scientists monitored the frequency of around 70 food items.

Eating an extra portion of fruit daily led to weight loss of 0.24kg (0.53lb) and eating an extra portion of vegetables daily led to 0.11kg (0.25lb).

According to this paper, vegetables associated with weight loss were cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Fruits associated with weight loss included berries, apples and pears which lead to greater weight loss compared with vegetables.


High-level adherence to a Mediterranean diet beneficially impacts the gut microbiota and associated metabolome

Changes in Intake of Fruits and Vegetables and Weight Change in United States Men and Women Followed for Up to 24 Years: Analysis from Three Prospective Cohort Studies

Fiona WilkinsonAbout Fiona

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the effects of stress and inflammation on health

The Effects of Stress and Inflammation on Health

It is National Stress Awareness Day so let’s look at the negative impact that stress can have on your health.

Chronic stress can rob your body of its ability to fight inflammation and make you susceptible to illness.

Studies carried out by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University put 276 healthy adults through an intensive stress interview before exposing them to a virus that causes the common cold. The participants were kept in quarantine and monitored for 5 days for signs of infection and illness.

The Effects of Stress and Inflammation on Health

The research team found that exposure to a prolonged stressful event was associated with the hormonal signals that regulate inflammation not being picked up by the immune cells. This meant that those taking part in the study were more likely to become ill. Inflammation is behind other illnesses including cardiovascular disease, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

You will have your own unique threshold to stress so what you find stressful may differ from others. It’s important that you have good coping strategies to lessen the impact of stress. Things like exercise, relaxing, spending time with family and friends can be good ways to protect yourself.

Good foods to include in an anti-inflammatory diet include: salmon and other oily fish, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil.

Tips to Stay Healthy as You Get Older

cabbageA 16-YEAR study of 5,100 British people aged between 42-63 has found that people who have healthy lifestyles in mid-life will stay healthy in old age.

Investigators observed that participants who engage in all four of these healthy behaviours had 3.3 times the odds of healthy ageing:

  • Not smoking
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Taking exercise
  • Eating fruit and vegetables every day

The authors concluded: “Although individual healthy behaviours are moderately associated with successful aging, their combined impact is substantial. Multiple healthy behaviours appear to increase the chance of reaching old age disease-free and fully functional.”

Source: Canadian Medical Journal

Here are some more tips for healthy aging:

  • Get out in the sun to boost your Vitamin D (this is especially important for older people). To get your vitamin D level checked and find out how much you need, you can order a simple finger prick test.
  • Don’t eat too much sugar and unrefined carbohydrates – they speed up the ageing process
  • Eat leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds – they contain calcium and magnesium that help you sleep
  • Keep your brain fit and Take a look with reading, puzzles, games, learning and hobbies
  • Stay physically active

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Time to stock up on fruits and vegetables

Spring is a great time of year. Those long, cold, winter nights are over and lots of fabulous fruits and vegetables are making their way to the local supermarkets shelves.

If you want to be slim, fit and healthy for the summer … now is a good time to start.

Here are 10 fruits and vegetables you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Asparagus
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Coconut
  • Blueberries
  • Garlic and Onion
  • Kiwi
  • Mangoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Papaya

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