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How to Not Get Sick This Winter

How to not get sick this winter

How to not get sick this winter

Learn how you can beat the cold weather blues and support your body through the tough winter months — because better nutritional support can help give you better general health for stronger immunity.

Book a pre-winter vitamin and mineral analysis before the end of October and as a bonus get a 10% saving off your online consultation.

After you have filled out the forms you will receive very specific and personal recommendations for your diet, lifestyle and supplement programme. The aim is not only to help you improve your immune function so that you stay healthy throughout the winter, but also to address any other niggling health challenges you may be facing.

These could be to do with your energy levels, hormones, weight, fertility, blood pressure, cholesterol… or even more serious problems.

There are limited appointments for this special Winter offer which ends on 30th October 2014 so contact me today to confirm your consultation and you get your individual discounted link.

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Natural Choices

Natural CoursesIf you’re interested in Natural Health you’ll love Natural Choices. This online course in Natural Health, Nutrition, Psychology and Food Choices, will help kick start your healthy living plan.

There are 18 modules you can go through in your own time. This course is a unique and potentially life-changing learning experience giving you constant access to 100s of tips and health suggestions that you can easily incorporate in your life to make a difference!



Why high cholesterol foods are good for you

ShellfishCHOLESTEROL is a type of fat that exists in all our cell membranes. It is vital for functions such as nerve transmission, the formation of vitamin D and the formation of bile. Approximately 80 percent of cholesterol is produced in your liver, with the other 20 percent coming from diet.

Cholesterol is only found in animal products and not in vegetable oils such as avocado or olive. Shellfish, for example, contain very little fat, but high levels of cholesterol, while nut butters are high in fat and low in cholesterol.

Cholesterol myths

From recent research we now know the cholesterol in the food we eat is not a problem and has very little impact on your cholesterol levels. In fact, why high cholesterol foods are good for you is because the less cholesterol you get from foods, the more your body makes. Your body makes around one to two grams of cholesterol every day, which is five to ten times the cholesterol found in one egg.

When you eat more cholesterol from foods such as shellfish or eggs, your body produces less of it. The less cholesterol you eat – the more your body makes.

Cholesterol has to travel in the bloodstream and, in order to do so, is combined with a protein to create a lipoprotein, of which there are two main types: LDL – sometimes call ‘bad’, which carry cholesterol to the artery wall, and HDL – often called ‘good’, which helps to return cholesterol to the liver. High LDL causes damaged and inflamed arterial walls, also depositing saturated fats and calcium, called arterial plaque or atheroma. The balance of these two lipoproteins in the blood is more important that the total cholesterol.

Putting the egg debate to bed

eggsEGGS have been the cause of nutritional controversy for years. So, hopefully, this latest research will finally put an end to the bad press that these little nutritional powerhouses have been subjected to.

Scientists at the Jilin University in China have found that, actually, the more eggs we eat, the healthier we should feel. They found that one of the key components of egg whites can be just as powerful as specialised medication in reducing blood pressure. The study was part of the 245th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society.

This component is a peptide — one of the building blocks of protein — which appears to have the ability to inhibit the action of substances in the body that raise blood pressure. ‘Our research suggests that there may be another reason to call it the incredible, edible egg,’ said Dr Zhipeng Yu, the scientist in charge of this project.

Previous arguments against the consumption of eggs have been that they contain cholesterol, and high levels of cholesterol in the blood are supposed to be damaging to the heart. However, we need cholesterol. It’s essential for the production of hormones, building cell membranes and digesting fats.


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