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Creating Healthy Work Habits

Don’t let being in an office stand in the way of eating foods that are good for you. Here’s my guide to creating healthy work habits:

1. Stay hydrated. Bring a big bottle of water to work and fill it up. Make sure you drink from it regularly throughout the day.

2. Be prepared. Make up your healthy snacks in advance. Portion nuts, seeds and dried fruit into little containers or small snack bags.

3. Avoid the dreaded slump. Make sure you include protein with good carbohydrates (wholegrains or fibre-rich fruit and vegetables) to keep your blood sugar stable. Try rice cakes and oatcakes with nut butter or tahini, hummus and veggies.

4. Don’t fuel yourself on caffeine. Too much caffeine can knock your blood sugar out of balance and it can also make your body react as though it is stressed. Bring in your own herbal teas if there are none available at work.

5. If you really struggle to make time to drink water or have something to eat set discreet reminders.

If you find yourself having problems with emotional eating and weight loss, book an appointment with me (sessions are available via Skype and in-person).

How to Wean Yourself off Sugar

wean yourself off sugarCut caffeine.

Think about the amount of caffeine you are drinking in coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks. They will cause a similar roller coaster effect to sugar and cause the release of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol.

They are classed as stimulants. Because they can cause a drop in blood sugar, they can also trigger either sugar cravings or an increase in appetite in general. Also, when you are changing habits there may be some that are natural stable-mates, such as tea and biscuits, or coffee and a chocolate bar.

So it can be easier to break a habit by breaking the association. If you are not having the cup of coffee, you might not think about having the chocolate bar.

21 day sugar detox

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