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Health Benefits of Taking a Nap

Make like a Mediterranean and have a siesta, it could be great for your health.

A study presented at the European Society of Cardiology explores the benefits of taking a nap. The team of scientists led by Dr Kallistratos from Asklepieion Voula General Hospital in Athens monitored 386 participants (200 men and 186 women – average age 61.4 years old).

All of them had hypertension. The researchers recorded a number of things including sleep time, blood pressure, lifestyle habits, BMI (Body Mass Index) and echocardiographic measurements.

The results showed that sleeping for 60 minutes after a midday meal gave an average blood pressure reading (over 24 hours) that was 4mm of mercury lower and the participants’ blood pressure continued to drop by 2% and used less medication.

I know that it’s not realistic to imagine that everyone has the luxury of taking a nap for an hour after lunch, but if you’re able to do it at the weekend or on a day off, you should. Resting after lunch is also great for your digestion.

References: European Society of Cardiology

Tummy Fat Harmful Even With Low BMI

Woman standing pulling measuring tape around waist.Yet again more research bears out the fact that, no matter that you have a healthy body mass index (BMI), being apple-shaped, with fat around the middle, has serious health consequences.

According to a new study led by a Mayo Clinic researcher, men and women with fat around the middle are more likely to die younger from diseases affecting their hearts and lungs, as well as from cancer.

Published in the March edition of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the research looked at past studies involving over 600,000 people from around the world. It clearly showed that men with a waist measurement of 43 inches or over had an astonishing 50 percent higher mortality risk than men whose waists measured 35 inches or less.

Women with a waist measurement of 37 inches or more were facing an 80 per cent higher risk of dying than woman with a 27 inch waist — that’s about a five year lower life expectancy after the age of 40.

Trojan Horse therapy eliminates prostate cancer in mice

salmon stk.

salmon stk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RESEARCHERS in the UK have ‘hidden’ cancer-killing viruses in white blood cells so they can ‘sneak’ them into a tumour. When inside, tens of thousands of viruses were released to kill the cancerous cells.

At the end of the 40-day trial, all the mice that received the treatment were still alive and had no signs of cancer. However, cancer spread in the mice that received other treatments, and some of them died.

All the mice had advanced prostate tumours, and had already been treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Researchers hope to begin human trials in 2013 but warn that many trials that involve treating mice, fail to have any effect on humans.

Dr Emma Smith, from Cancer Research UK, said: “Harnessing the body’s own immune system to deliver a deadly virus to tumours is an exciting approach that many scientists are pursuing.”

The number one thing you can do to reduce the risk of cancer – after giving up smoking – is to lose weight. Being overweight is linked with around 20,000 deaths from cancer each year. Ideally, your body mass index (BMI) should be between 20 and 25.

To achieve this, eat a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, plus oily fish, nuts, seeds and wholegrains.

Source: Macrophage Delivery of an Oncolytic Virus Abolishes Tumor Regrowth and Metastasis After Chemotherapy or Irradiation Cancer Res canres.3056.2012; Published Online First November 20, 2012

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