Sugar increases risk of heart disease

Sugar increases risk of heart disease

Eating large amounts of sugar increases risk of heart disease according to research. 

The Journal of the American Medical Association published studies that found added sugars in processed foods were linked with lower levels of HDL cholesterol, or ‘good’ cholesterol.

The study followed 6,113 patients and found the higher their sugar levels, the more likely they were to have higher risk factors for heart disease. Eating a healthy high fibre diet can help lower cholesterol levels.

High triglyceride and high cholesterol levels have been linked with heart disease since the 1970s. Today we know how to lower cholesterol with foods high in fibre, and the benefits of diets such as the Mediterranean diet in lowering cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is a sterol in the fat family and is found in food as well as in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is transported through the blood in two forms: LDL and HDL cholesterol. LDL is considered the “bad” cholesterol while HDL which transports cholesterol out of tissues, back to the liver and out of the body is often called “good” cholesterol.

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