diabetes controlI write regularly on the disturbing increase in Type 2 diabetes and also ‘pre-diabetes’.

Now new figures show that there could be millions of people in the country who have this worrying condition and are yet unaware of it.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal by academics from the universities of Leicester and Florida, used a sample of 20,000 adults from the Government’s annual Health Survey for England to estimate the prevalence of pre-diabetes, defined by blood sugar levels of between 5.7 and 6.4 mmol/L.

Type 2 diabetics are above 6.5 mmol/L and normal levels are between 4 – 5.6. They found that 35.3 per cent had pre-diabetes in 2011, up from 11.6 per cent in 2003, 20.4 per cent in 2006 and 32.6 per cent in 2009. They also found that just over half of adults — 50.6 per cent — who were overweight or obese had the condition.

The study comes amid rising concerns over the costs of Type 2 diabetes to the NHS, which spends £10 billion a year — a tenth of its budget — on treatment. Because of the lack of symptoms, researchers are now urging anyone who is overweight or obese to undergo blood sugar tests with their GP.

It’s vitally important for people to identify they have this condition, not only because it can lead to full-blown Type 2 diabetes and the risk of kidney failure, eye and nerve damage, but because, with a few diet and lifestyle changes, it is completely reversible.

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