Here is some more good news about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet: add in plenty of extra virgin olive oil and you could significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer.

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine gathered data from over 4,000 women aged 60 – 80 years old. They were split into three groups: one group followed the Mediterranean diet which was supplemented with extra virgin olive oil, the second group followed the Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts and the third group was the control group, who received basic advice to reduce dietary fat.

The scientists found that the group who topped up the Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil lowered their risk of malignant breast cancer by 68% compared to those on the control diet.

I’ve written about the Mediterranean diet many times and it’s great to have it confirmed again that this diet is beneficial for health. Extra virgin oil makes a great addition because as well as lowering breast cancer risk it is also a fat that can keep your heart healthy too.