Lycopene supports sperm health

Lycopene supports sperm health

I have written before about how our environment adversely affects both men and women’s fertility. 

However, men can do quite a lot to support sperm health by cutting down on alcohol, eating healthily, taking cooler baths than normal and…  eating cooked tomatoes!

There have been several studies identifying an antioxidant in tomatoes called lycopene that has been associated with boosting male fertility.

Now Britain’s Infertility Network, a support group for infertile people, is undertaking a year-long survey to see if supplementing with a high dose daily lycopene supplement will result in more pregnancies.

A spokesperson said that while it is often assumed that women are to blame for infertility, much of the time the problem is with sperm function or quality.

A meta-analysis published by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, reviewed 12 studies by different groups around the world. The research shows that lycopene could increase sperm count by up to 70 per cent.  All of them showed that lycopene improved sperm count and swimming speed, and reduced the number of abnormal sperm.

Other studies have shown lycopene reduces diseases of the prostate, the gland which makes sperm, and may slow down or even halt the progress of prostate cancer.

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