How to beat fatigue

How to beat fatigue

A recent study set out to discover whether there is a true benefit for menstruating women to supplement with iron, particularly to help them feel less tired and have a better quality of life.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 102 women out of 198 (96 in the placebo group) who were not anaemic were given 80mg daily iron supplements (as ferrous sulphate).

The women receiving iron supplementation had a 3.5-point improvement in their fatigue score compared with those in the placebo group. Women who received the iron reported a 47.7% decrease in fatigue, whereas the women in the placebo group reported a 28.8% decrease.

No differences were observed between groups with regard to depression, anxiety or quality of life.  Gastrointestinal disorders were reported in 11.8% of the women in the iron group and 10.4% of the women in the placebo group.

Please note that I wouldn’t recommend you supplement with ferrous sulphate as it is an inorganic iron and not easily absorbed and can cause gastrointestinal problems as seen above.

Contact me if you need a recommendation for a good quality iron supplement in a form that won’t upset you.

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