US Nutritional Fact Label

US Nutritional Fact Label (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TO judge the quality of the food you are buying, take a close look at the Nutrition Facts panel which most foods have.

You can use the guide below to work out if the product contains high levels of fat, sugar or salt (sodium).

Fresh fruit makes a healthy, refreshing snack, but watch out for the processed fruit found in snacks. Processing concentrates fruit sugars until they become a sticky, calorie laden threat to teeth.

School Bars are over 60% sugar and Kellogg’s Fruit Winders are high in both sugar and saturated fat.

Fruit and vegetables are so essential to good health that we should all try to eat more than five portions of fruit and veg every day.

Fresh, frozen, chilled, canned (with no added sugar), freshly squeezed juice and dried fruit and vegetables all count.

Processed foods (such as ready meals) tend to contain low levels of fruit and vegetables and can also contain unhealthy levels of fat, sugar and salt.

Vitamin supplements (and many foods which contain added vitamins) do not have the same nutritional benefits as real fruit and vegetables.

Amount per 100g Amount per 100g
This is a lot This is a little
Total fat 20g 3g
Saturated fat 5g 1g
Sugar 10g 2g
Sodium 0.5g 0.1g

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