Ditch the junk food

Ditch the junk food

Junk the junk food!

Think of healthy and unhealthy foods as the difference between putting coals or paper on a fire. The paper will burn quickly with a big show of flames, but it doesn’t give out much heat and burns so quickly it’s not long before you have put more paper on the fire.

On the other hand, coal takes longer to heat up but it will give you a steady lasting level of heat for a much longer time. It’s quite a simple analogy. The aim is to eat the food equivalent of coal, not paper, no matter how attractive it may seem.

Refined and processed foods are like paper to the body’s fire. Natural whole foods are like coal. The more a food is refined (the greater proportion of natural substances are removed) the faster will be the hit on your bloodstream.

The more food you eat in its natural form, the steadier will be your blood sugar.

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