Can anti-inflammatory drugs stop cancer

Can anti-inflammatory drugs stop cancer

Could anti-inflammatories really stop cancer in its tracks?

Well, latest research has found that some particularly aggressive cancer tumours rely for their growth on an antiviral pathway that drives inflammation, and that they are responding to the type of anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

According to the journal Cell Reports, the anti-inflammatories disturb the anti-viral pathways of triple-negative tumours — the most aggressive form of breast cancer.  This could be very exciting news for anyone suffering from this disease.

Restricting Calories Slows Spread of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Interestingly, different research is proposing that calorie restriction may also help with this form of breast cancer.

This study which was conducted on mice, where mice with triple-negative breast cancer were given 30% less than their normal intake. The cancer cells in these mice decreased production of a certain type of RNA which is often increased when this type of breast cancer metastasises.

So far this has only been studied on laboratory mice, but the researchers are confident that the same results would be found in human subjects.

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