Always choose a well-known quality brand

Always choose a well-known quality brand such as Biotics Research

Are you unwittingly putting your health at risk by buying fake health supplements? Well, according to an article in Natural News, the online nutrition whistleblowing website, you may be…

It seems that Amazon, specifically, is selling counterfeit supplements to their unsuspecting customers. I do want to point out here that Amazon are not doing this intentionally, however they do have problems with ‘policing’ their third-party sellers.

The problem with ‘fake’ supplements is they often contain fake or low-grade ingredients which are generally cheaper, along with nasty chemical fillers that are are often sold at a discounted price. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is generally true, but particularly true for vitamins, minerals and supplements.

So, how can you avoid being conned and potentially damaging your health? Always buy a reputable brand and buy through them or an approved healthcare practitioner. If you live in the UK or Europe, email me for details of my recommended suppliers you can order through.

You can read the Natural News article here.